What’s Next?

30 Dec

If you are familiar with cruisers, you know that our plans change as frequently as tidal pools or blobs in a lava lamp. We may seem like we cannot make up our minds, but we are always getting influenced by weather, updated info/intel, and learning from other cruisers. Okay, so there is a little mood thrown in there too.

We decided about a month ago to make our excursion to the Exumas a holiday vacation and to not push on to points south. The main reason is that finding telecommute worthy internet is just more work than we feel like continuing to do. We suck, I know. It can be done, but it was starting to feel like a full time job – consuming too much thought, wallet, and discussion.

But, there are so many cool watery places to explore in the Keys, and we all voted unanimously to head back to Florida…so there. 🙂

Today we are sailing (well mostly motoring as the winds are too light) back to Nassau. We will spend New Year’s here and enjoy the end of Junkanoo. Not familiar with Junkanoo? Well, stay tuned and we will share more.

Next push will be back to Miami. Looks like Thursday might be a good weather day, but we will see. You know how those plans go!

One Response to “What’s Next?”

  1. Carroll & Roberta Oates December 30, 2013 at 8:38 pm #

    Don’t feel bad about anything. You’ve gotten further than most for sure and with not such great weather ever since you left Vero Beach. Roberta and I just spent four days at Marathon Keys. The Keys are great, not the Bahamas but still better than most places.

    Have a safe return. Don’t rush anything. Cross the great bank and stop at Bimini. Enjoy!

    Happy New Year, Carroll & Roberta Oates, M/V Miramare, Vero Beach, FL.

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