An Iguana Christmas – Highbourne Cay, Bahamas

26 Dec

Merry Christmas, we hope you all had a good one! On Christmas Eve we made landfall at Highbourne, Cay, about 30 miles southeast of Nassau. This little island is only about two miles long and less than a mile wide. I think this is the “real” Bahamas that always gets mentioned in tourist brochures. It is absolutely gorgeous here.


On Christmas Eve we treated ourselves to a dinner out at the little restaurant at the marina. The food was amazing but the friendliness of our hosts was the highlight of the evening. We were asked if we would like to start out with some appetizers and we politely declined. Robin mentioned that we are on a budget and we couldn’t really justify springing for a full on three course dinner. This must have left an impression on our waiter as he brought out free drinks for the girls, a plate of delicious conch fritters, and a free desert of Bahamian cake. Robin asked to make sure that this wasn’t a mistake but the waiter said that they rarely see people here on a budget and that it was Christmas after all. Regardless of whether it was the Christmas spirit or sympathy for people who didn’t arrive here on a 150 foot mega yacht, all of our hearts grew three sizes that day.


After an evening of watching episodes of “The Office” (the girls love it!) we awoke to the sounds of happy people wandering the docks and palm trees rustling in the breeze. Very nice. Presents were laid out neatly on our dining room table and the festivities began. The girls were very thankful for their crafty presents. They can now make beads out of recycled paper with their new kit. Everything from the girls was homemade and that made this year even more special. Earrings made of shells that they had found along with trinkets made from sea glass made this morning magical. Robin and I both received coupon books for things like head rubs and back scratches. (These will all be redeemed post haste!) Peyton even made me a case for my reading glasses out of cardboard, duct tape, and a homemade pillow for my glasses to rest comfortably. Too cool.


After breakfast we made the 2.5 mile (very wet and wavy) trek with our dinghy to Allen’s Cay, an even smaller island with even more extraordinary residents. The Allen’s Cay Iguanas who roam the landscape waiting for tourists to come ashore and feed them various nibbles. We opted for cheese puffs and grapes. They devoured all with gusto while the girls squealed with excitement. Care must be taken when one feeds them as they have been know to be aggressive and snap at unsuspecting fingers. We used long sticks to feed them the grapes. All fingers are present and accounted for.


Happy Holidays from the cockpit of S/V Tango!










One Response to “An Iguana Christmas – Highbourne Cay, Bahamas”

  1. Haanli December 26, 2013 at 6:09 pm #

    Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. What a wonderful way to spend the holiday. We miss you guys and think about you often. Hank, Lisa and Syd

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