Don’t come in

22 Dec

We found a great marina on the south side of New Providence that just opened last month. They aren’t quite finished building yet, so some things are a bit rough. Rough like a poorly marked channel that doesn’t tell you there is a chain seagate at the entrance to the marina so DO NOT COME IN until we lower the evil gate.

We didn’t have this vital knowledge,  and were blithely dodging coral heads in 3-5 foot seas with 15 knot winds while trying to hail the dock master. We finally reached him by cell, and he told us they needed a few minutes to lower the gate. Only problem was…we were right up on it, with rocks on both sides. Andy quicky spun us around and got us out of the channel until they were ready for us. At one point, we had six inches of water between us and the rocks.

Needless to say, we were very glad to finally get to dock! This is a very nice marina, right on the beach, and cheap for New Providence ($1 a ft!).

Now we wait for the winds and seas to calm, heading to Highborne Cay on Christmas eve with two other catamarans.


Sea gate


Relaxing on marina beach

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