Nassau Happenings

15 Dec

We’ve been exploring some of the sights around Nassau over the past few days. So far, we have all been really impressed. Sure there are bad parts of the city, but any city has areas that one shouldn’t wander with a wad of cash after dark. For the most part we have been greeted with friendly smiles and warm attitudes. People passing by on the street still say things like “good day” and “hello” here! It’s refreshing after some of the cynicism that permeated U.S. culture. I’m a fan.

The best of friends.

The best of friends.

Our marina is located about a mile from the cruise ship docks so we are out of the tourist zone. We are feeling the consumerist pull with a nice grocery store, a Dairy Queen, and a Starbucks right across the street. All the cruisers congregate at the Starbucks because they have free WiFi. We have met a few cruising families here and the girls are excited to actually get to hang around other “boat kids.” We have seen more children here than in all of our cruising locations since we started.

Peyton is eager to stay at Atlantis. (in the distance)

Peyton is eager to stay at Atlantis. (in the distance)

We supplemented the girl’s history lesson yesterday by wandering down the street to Fort Montagu, an early 1700s fortification at the entrance to Nassau harbor. Quite an interesting story really. The first military engagement by the U.S. Marines happened here in 1776. Apparently a Bahamian militia had some kegs of British gunpowder at this particular fortification and Washington’s Continental Army needed it. Although the gunpowder had already been moved by the time the Marines arrived, a large amount of cannons and thousands of rounds of ammunition were procured for General Washington.

Fort Montagu

Fort Montagu


The moon makes a good substitute for a tiny cannonball.

We will spend another week here before we head off to the Exumas, a Bahamian island chain about 30 miles ESE of here. The end of this week brings some excitement as we promised the girls a fun filled weekend at the Atlantis resort. It’s pretty spendy to stay at the marina. ($4 dollars a boat foot per day) This isn’t really that bad when you consider that everyone on the boat gets free admission to the water park. From what I understand the regular admission price is $150.00 per person. We’ll take the $4 per foot! Anyway…this is our Christmas present to each other so splurging doesn’t make us feel as guilty.


Sailboat races in the harbor

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