Scary chores

19 Oct

Heading up the mast has never been one of our favorites. From time to time, however, it is necessary to take the 55 foot journey up the mast to repair the various things that fail. This time it was an anchor light that needed replacing. (Naturally it’s at the very tip top of the mast.) About a month ago we decided that we wanted to replace all of the incandescent lights with the much more energy efficient LED alternatives. We had been putting off doing the anchor light because it is just such a pain to get up there. Robin has to winch my heavy body up to the top and I’m not a fan of heights. Regardless, it needed replacing and so a few weeks ago we made our first attempt. This was the result.

A couple of weeks later we received our new bulbs in the mail and we tried again to remove the remnants of the old bulb without another blood bath. Success! No blood, no tears, and we now have an even brighter bulb that uses a fraction of the power. Little victories.

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