Fancy Nuts! (and bolts)

15 Sep

And now ladies and gentlemen, a cautionary tale of how being cheap doesn’t pay off when buying boat things. Case in point, nuts and bolts. When we had our arch installed and mounted our solar panels to it almost a year ago (wow!) we thought that we could save some money and purchase plain ol’ nuts and bolts from our local hardware store to secure the panels for the journey. After all, stainless steel should be good enough right? (insert sarcastic sounding “riiiiiiiiiiiiight!”) Lo and behold three months into our trip we noticed that one of the nuts was not as shiny as the others. Nobody likes dull nuts. Regardless, we pressed on hoping that this was simply a minor blemish.

Fast forward to today. Twenty minutes ago to be exact, that the truth could no longer be put out of our minds. Our nuts and bolts are dying. There is not one nut nor bolt that isn’t corroding like a crackheads teeth. Finally accepting that these things need replacing, I hopped online to see what kind of deals there are in the world of marine grade hardware. Who needs a .80 cent bolt when you can buy one for ten dollars! No worries! We only need about twenty or so! I see shiny nuts and ramen noodles in our future!


Sorry for the blurry nut shot. I almost fell overboard getting this picture.

Sticker Shock!

Sticker Shock!

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