Time to Dust off The List?

19 Aug

Before we left our home dock for a life of full-time cruising, we had pages and pages of purchases and chores (The List). Robin spent many  hours hanging at the spreader line threading new cables for internet and cell coverage, while Andy spent many greasy hours getting close to our Yanmar engines. Madi and Peyton each had their own tasks too, as they helped store deep provisions, satisfy the doctors that they were health and caught up on their booster shots, disconnecting from shore school, and saying goodbye to friends.

Now that we have nearly a year and over 1,300 nautical miles under our life jackets, we have a better idea of which uncompleted things on The List really need the precious time or dollars left before we leave this hurricane hole and continue on our journey. Thankfully, we haven’t added too many new chores to our list…although that’s just a part of the cruising life. The boat list just morphs and changes, but it never really ends! Being carless will make a few of our tasks a bit trickier (don’t think we will try getting a new fender board or extra water jugs by bike), but that’s what rental cars are for, right?

We have about two months left at dock, and it’s time to start focusing on knocking some things off our list. Having some boat related goals should help with the wanderlust that we all are starting to experience here. We feel the itch to go somewhere…anywhere…so it must be time to climb and inspect the rigging, replace the raw water impeller, or wax the deck.

Ah, the glamorous side of sailing.

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