Road trip

23 Jul

We have just returned from a ten-day road trip to Maryland and back to Vero. Whew! The underlying goal was to spend some quality time with on our rental property to get it ready for the new (and we hope last) renters. We stripped and revarnished hardwood, sealed decks, mulched, weeded, laid gravel, mowed, pruned, fixed the hot tub, weeded some more, cleaned, and touched up paint.

One thing we found marveling is the speed at which our sailboat stops along the ICW passed us by driving in a car. Every 40 miles or so we’d see a sign for somewhere it took us a whole day to transit. Our many boating stops brought us rich experiences of many of these tiny towns, as Andy blogged in 1200 miles later, something much harder to enjoy from I-95.

Within our trip, we also managed some wonderful quality time with our friends. Madi and Peyton got to see their besties and even had a few sleepovers. We had a great time, but we are sick of cars. Goodbye rental! We are also glad to be back in our own fluffy Tango beds, as there is no place like home.

Wonderful dinner with the Robertsons

Wonderful dinner with the Robertsons and Emily

Our rental in Libertytown

Our rental in Libertytown


Hank giving Madi's pin hat a test...discovering how much it weighs

Hank giving Madi’s pin hat a test…discovering how much it weighs

The girls making up for lost time with Sydney

The girls making up for lost time with Sydney…how did we not get a picture of Lisa?

Best greeting!

Best greeting!

From all the Becks, here’s a BIG thank you to the Robertsons, the Pomeranz trio, the Durfresnes, the Mackays, and Dawn Aburto, for all your love, loaners, and quality time!

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  1. Jenna Robertson July 23, 2013 at 5:09 pm #

    I’m totally rocking that Finn hat (:

    Jenna ✌

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