Where are you from?

11 Jun

Everywhere we stop, folks want to know where we are from. Honestly, that question is getting harder to answer.

Are we from Maryland, where we left from last year? While our port of call on the boat says Maryland and we own a rental home there…we have no real ties other than dear friends.

Are we from Washington/Oregon, where all our family lives and where we are ultimately heading after our adventures are over?

Sometimes I try to explain it, but other times I try to get away with saying we are from our boat.

Funny how an easy question can end up feeling so complicated.

One Response to “Where are you from?”

  1. grobertson2012 June 11, 2013 at 9:41 pm #

    After you figure out where you’re from, you’ll need to figure out what you do. “So…what do you do?” I know it’s innocent and fairly innocuous, but in other countries where I’ve lived/visited, it can sometimes take “fornever” before the question comes up. In our country, we are what we do. I prefer how three-year olds introduce themselves. I remember this: “Hi, I’m Jenna and I like pie.”

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