Headed Out

23 May

After a whirlwind morning of shopping and stowing, we are finally now underway now to Grand Bahama.

We had to replace our dinghy, as the old one started falling apart. First the plywood transom, then the port tube seals, and lastly the starboard port seals. Robin tried gallantly with 3M 5200 in hand to seal up the leak, but the dinghy needs more work than can be found in a tube of sealant. We donated in to one of the nicest service repair guys we have ever met, Patrick, from Miami Dockside Service. He has been down to our marina at least four times (at no charge) to repair fiddly issues with our outboard motor. That’s one of the best things about cruising, we meet some of the nicest people!

So, now that we are newly “dinghified” (oh, and thanks as well to all the nice dockside folks who helped us assemble the new one), we can head out for the 60 mile Atlantic crossing to Grand Bahama. We should arrive around 8:00 AM, just in time for high tide. The marina in Freeport where we’ll be staying has a shallow channel, and our cruising buddies Haanli need more than six feet under them. One cruiser said the channel is “spooky” coming in, so here’s hoping the Gulf Stream and winds cooperate and we arrive with enough waters under us.

This is our first Atlantic adventure, and we are all very excited to get out and give both Tango and ourselves a good shakedown.

From all the Becks, enjoy a long holiday weekend! Keep track of us on our Spot page, and we’ll update our blog as wifi availability allows!

One Response to “Headed Out”

  1. grobertson2012 May 24, 2013 at 9:43 am #

    Time to work on your accent…

    One note of caution: Beware of the Dogs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=He82NBjJqf8

    Post when you arrive! Fair winds. G.

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