Crazy Manatees

19 Apr

We were greeted this morning by splashing and banging noises against Tango’s hull. A pod of manatees outside were cavorting about! One even surfaced and blew a snotty blob at Madi and Robin. Can manatees get colds?

A small motor boat tried to leave dock and got swarmed by the manatees. For some reason, they were very attracted to the boat and wouldn’t leave it alone. After 10 minutes of trying to work around them, the guys finally gave up and went back to dock.

Andy caught the best moments on video:

This was a one day special, as we haven’t seen them since!

One Response to “Crazy Manatees”

  1. Jenna Robertson April 28, 2013 at 11:03 am #

    Oh my gosh they are adorable!

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