Some Enchanted Evening…

17 Apr

OK…maybe this evening was not “enchanted” per se, but it was damned enjoyable. We met our friends Hank and Lisa at the Coconut Grove Sailing Club’s clubhouse where Lisa shared her amazing skill at crocheting with the girls. They gave it their best effort but, in the end, I think that maybe this is something that is not their forte. Regardless, Lisa was very sweet and very patient and the girls loved the attention. (We are quite smitten with Miss Lisa).

Since it was approaching dinner time we started thinking about places to eat. We all noticed that club members were walking around with all sorts of goodies as there is a restaurant and a bar on the premises. We walked in and asked for a menu and were excited to see that tonight was “Sizzling Fajita” night! Sweet. With Pavlovian dog looks on our faces we placed our order with the nice fellow behind the bar. “Are you members of the club or any of the reciprocal sailing clubs?” the nice fellow asked. “No…we are just staying on your mooring field.” we replied. “I’m sorry but the restaurant and bar are only for members.” he retorted. (He was actually very nice with his denial of service). No sizzling fajitas for us. Sigh.

Undaunted we decided to walk into Coconut Grove and check out the restaurant scene. Long story short, we found a very nice place with some very wonderful food and we all forgot about those stupid fajitas. We had a very nice time with our friends and we spoke of opportunities to potentially meet in the Bahamas in a few months. I hope we can make that happen.


No sizzling fajitas…but we ate it all up!



Experimenting with crocheting



Hank gets to play taxi for all the Beck gear


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