Come on Sunshine…Do Your Stuff!

16 Apr

We are safely moored at the Coconut Grove Sailing Club’s mooring field in south Miami. It is lovely here and we spent the better part of the afternoon exploring the myriad of shops and restaurants in the area.

When we arrived yesterday there were some pretty big thunderstorms in the area. The bulk of the afternoon was overcast and as such our battery levels were only at around 80% by the time sunset rolled around. Since we have been using marinas for the bulk of our journey we haven’t really been tested as far as energy consumption because we were always hooked up to shore power. We decided to just live life as normal and see what state the batteries would be in the morning.

Well, I’m happy to report that as of sunrise we are at 55% charge. Unfortunately the voltage has dropped off enough so that our inverter is no longer turning DC into AC so we will have to wait a few hours to run anything that requires it. (Looks like Robin get’s stovetop French press coffee this morning!) The refrigerator is the only real draw as far as DC goes and it’s still working fine.

It’s supposed to be a sunnier day today so we should be in great shape by this afternoon. I’m going to try real hard not to fire up the engine to charge the batteries. I will not be defeated!


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