Saint Augustine, Florida

11 Feb

Sunset from our mooring location.

The stockade at the Saint Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum.

The stockade at the Saint Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum.

This is the oldest masonry fort in the United States. Construction started in 1672.

This is the oldest masonry fort in the United States. Construction started in 1672.

Simply BeautifulWe made the rather uneventful five hour trek from Jacksonville to Saint Augustine with some really awesome weather. A tad chilly, but with the blizzard “blizzarding” in the northeast we have no room to complain. We pulled into the mooring field in “Saint Auggie”, as the locals say, around sunset. We were assigned mooring ball #30 in a field of over 150 which made finding it a bit of a challenge. Once we honed in on our target it was simply a matter of easing up to it and grabbing the mooring line and attaching it to our bridle. Robin nailed it on the first try.

After motoring the dinghy to the marina office to check in we decided that it was getting too dark to be shooting back and forth to the shore and the city and we would put on our tourist hats for the following day. We were all pretty tired anyway. A nice dinner and a good night sleep was well received by all.

One of the fears that I constantly fight is the thought of our anchor breaking free while we are sleeping and having our boat crash into something hard and craggy. That would be bad. I have an anchor alarm app on my iPhone that gives me more piece of mind while we are sleeping but I am always on edge for the first few hours at anchor. The river that we are in has a pretty strong current so, even with my phone keeping watch, I still have a little cartoon devil poking me in with his pitchfork and reminding me that catastrophe is just around the corner!
Technically we are not at anchor since we are hooked up to a mooring ball and the chance of anything breaking free from it are slim to none. Regardless, at around 9 AM Robin and I heard an odd noise coming from the bow. I popped out of of my sleep and walked up into the galley area just in time to see the boat next to us moving past us. WE HAD BROKEN FREE! (or so I thought in my sleepiness). I grabbed the keys and jumped into the cockpit with nothing covering me except my underwear and a cloak of sheer panic. As I fired up the engine my wits started to settle in and then I remembered that, when you are in a tidal river all of the boats will move around depending on which way the tides and winds are moving. We were still attached to our mooring ball and my cloak of panic shifted to a cloak of embarrassment. Not because I was wearing only underwear in a crowded mooring field (this is me after all) but because I panicked when I should have just evaluated the situation calmly. Live and learn.

Saint Augustine is an amazing city. Gorgeous Spanish architecture dot the landscape of the oldest city in the U.S. We took the dinghy ashore and did a little shopping, a little eating, and a little sightseeing. The highlight of the day was a trip to a pirate museum where we saw incredible artifacts like doubloons, pistols, and even Captain Kidd’s Bible. Neat!

We will be here for another week or so as we have to have some repairs done at a local shipyard. This is a great place to be stranded for a week!



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  1. Jenna Robertson February 11, 2013 at 7:18 pm #

    Wow you guys must be having so much fun! I miss you guys! What kind of repairs are you having done?


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