“Holidaying” in the Northwest

31 Dec


Greetings all! It’s been a while since our last update but we wanted to take a moment to bring our blog up to date.


Tango is currently safe and sound (we hope) at a marina in Fernandina Beach, Florida whilst we are enjoying time with family and friends in Washington State. We spent Christmas Eve Eve getting Tango ready for our extended absence. This consisted of closing off all of the various valves that allow seawater into the engine system, cleaning, shutting down all electronics, and priming the water system with antifreeze in case there is a deep freeze while we are gone. Not likely to happen in Florida but better to be safe than sorry. 


We left before dawn for our 7AM flight out of Jacksonville. Our taxi driver was a very nice fellow who was just coming off of a long shift. I was glad that we were his last fare and that he could spend a restful Christmas Eve with his family. The flight was uneventful except for a very uncomfortable terrier who whined for the majority of the trip. I don’t blame him. I would whine too if I was stuck in a small carrier for over 6 hours. The flight crew from Jacksonville to Atlanta was very cool and let Banyan sit on Robin’s lap. The trip from Atlanta to Portland was a different story. Three of the four flight attendants had no problem with a lap sitting terrier but the fourth insisted that Robin put him in the carrier. I know rules are rules but he cried for the remainder of the trip after that. Scroogey lady.


We have had a wonderful Christmas/New Years week visiting with everyone. We are staying with my mom in the house that I grew up in. So many memories. I really hope we can buy this house when we are finished with our voyaging. The only real issue was that there is a stomach bug making the rounds and Madi and the relatives spent the better part of Christmas running to various bathrooms. Stomachs are settling down though and New Years eve finds everyone in good health.


We spent Saturday night at the legendary Washougal bar, The Bigfoot, catching up with friends and being ridiculous at the Karaoke machine. I had way too much liquid joy for that evening but, apart from a headache the next morning, I made it through unscathed. The 2AM run to Taco Bell helped.


We are spending this New Years Eve at mom’s. Madi is furiously baking like a mad woman. She has already created a lovely cherry cheesecake and is now working on some sugar cookies. It is nice to have some quiet house time after motoring our boat down the ICW for the better part of two months.


We wish you all a wonderful 2013. Stay tuned for more from Tango as we make our way down the Florida coast to Miami, the Keys, and points south.



2 Responses to ““Holidaying” in the Northwest”

  1. Luke January 6, 2013 at 11:43 am #

    Hi there,

    Now I’m wishing I had gone down to the Bigfoot- maybe we would have met! I grew up in Washougal (class of ’99), and am now trying to figure out a way to cast off from DC. What you are doing is an inspiration.

    My fiancée and I would love to live aboard a boat someday, but like so many with the dream and a mountain of debt, figuring out the logistics is challenging. I grew up helping crew the family 40′ sloop around the San Juans, and I’ve been teaching small boat sailing at a local sailing school for the past year. I’m thinking the next step would be to get a cheap 25′ keelboat to work on honing my piloting and mechanical skills. I’d love to see a post someday about how you got your start and how you keep it all going, or any advice for those of us just starting out!

    Wishing you smooth sailing in 2013!

    • four2tango January 10, 2013 at 12:28 pm #

      Thank you, Luke! Perhaps we will meet up at the Bigfoot someday. As for how we got started, we’ll work on that one. The quick answer is that we had a dream, started taking sailing lessons, and then just jumped in with both feet. 🙂 It’s taken us many years to get here, but here we finally are!

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