Farewell, Ghosts of Savannah

14 Dec

I have to say, a week on the dock in Savannah was delicious! We reveled in the unlimited electricity, great food (Andy even got his Taco Bell), laundry, hot showers galore, a movie in a theater (Life of Pi…which was amazing!), and beautiful historic Savannah.

We even saw our first mink running around on the dock looking for food!

Somehow though, winter caught back up to us. Last night it was 45…brrrr! Since it is time to move on anyway…on we motor in the quest for warmer weather. The next few days will be our final push into Fernandina Beach, just outside of Jacksonville (Florida – finally!). We’ll stay put in the Jacksonville area until the middle of February to accommodate several travel dates, a haul out, and some spring planning.

Last evening, to commemorate our final night in Savannah, we rode in a hearse ghost tour (Madi’s idea) for some great historically spine-tingling stories. One of them, about the Savannah Waving Girl, seems especially appropriate as we bid Savannah farewell: http://www.riverstreetmarketplace.com/haunted#legend

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