Southport Hospitality

30 Nov

For these past few days we enjoyed the hospitality of some friends in Southport. During the summer, Hank and Lisa kept their boat, Haanli, at Herrington Harbour and the girls fell in love with their labradoodle, Sydney. Southport is their home port when Haanli isn’t cruising, and they shared not only great home cooked food and local knowledge, but also gave us the use of their car to provision. They also introduced us to Japanese fruit pie…a new Andy favorite.

We hopscotched our way down from Herrington Harbor with Haanli to Southport, and enjoyed Lisa’s amazing lasagna in Deltaville after a rolly day crossing the mouth of the Rappahannock, and a great city marina to moor at in Norfolk. On the subject of lasagna, my girls who don’t really like red sauce dishes, are still talking about how good that lasagna was!

One of the best gifts they gave the girls was a signed copy of the book Pirates! Pirates! Pirates! by Mike Hogan, who lives just a few doors down. Once we finish our current bedtime book, we will crack this one, and we are very excited! If anyone would like a copy, you can get it here:!+pirates!+pirates!+hogan

We hope to meet back up with Haanli after the holidays and return some of their hospitality with Tango cooked meals!

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