Choppy Day

6 Nov

This morning we left Zanhiser’s marina in Solomons Island pretty early to head down to our boat broker’s dock near Reedsville. We made it out of Maryland…even if it is just by a hair.

Ever since we bought Tango we’ve had a standing invitation to visit Bill and his family. They live in a beautiful house tucked a few miles up the  little Wicomico River with a nice and fairly deep water dock. We even have shore power and beds in a guest house!

Such hospitality and so beautiful here; quite a relief to be docked after six hours of very cold and choppy sailing. Madi and Robin were both feeling pretty queasy most of the time, which didn’t make the conference calls easy as Robin worked virtually from her boat office. Poor Andy manned the helm for the duration of the sail in his cold weather gear, but at 45 F, the wind chill felt like true winter and not early November. Who turned down the heat?! After a chilly day, we are looking forward to the backside of this oncoming Nor’easter and warmer winds!

One Response to “Choppy Day”

  1. G November 6, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    Friends are a wonderful thing. I like Bill and I haven’t even met him! Hope R and M are feeling better. J and M have been writing back and forth. It’s fun to see them touching base. Fingers crossed about this day in history… G.

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