Last minute electronics

27 Oct

In researching the ICW, we knew there were going to be quite a few dead cell phone zones, and since this boat is also our floating office, we need to increase its cell phone range. We ended up installing a Wilson booster system (something tested out by Panbo), and we’ve found that it works really well! It’s increased the cell signal by two or three bars, and that’s just in the marina.

Unfortunately, this meant that someone needed to hang at the spreader line running cables in the mast from the base to the antenna, which we’ve hung upside down on the port spreader. Since I (Robin) am lighter, and the bosuns chair doesn’t bother my back I was the obvious choice. Weather had just started turning chilly, so it was a fun few red-nosed hours. Best part was watching all our lovely neighbors walk by (multiple times) as they tried to figure out what we were doing and how they could help make it easier on us.

It should have gone more quickly, but the cable wouldn’t run correctly down the track…it kept getting hung up on something about two feet short of the track outlet. SO we had to run it up the mast with a guide string, and the hole at the spreader line in the mast was a very tight and fiddly fit. Some good old fashioned stubbornnes (thanks Dad!), bruised knees, and it was finally all set. Robin only dropped one wrench in the harbor, which is a feat with such cold fingers (to say nothing of the standard Robin clumsiness).

Robin just hanging out

Robin…just hanging out (and yes there is a second safety line tied on)

Thank you too, to Shep for the great lunch, pictures, and wonderful goodbyes. D-day is getting closer!

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