Staying healthy

18 Oct

The pre-adventure fun continues! After a visit with our family doctor, he recommended we get Advanced First Aid Afloat and stock the first aid kit as the book recommended. I brought him lunch, and he wrote me prescriptions based on the chapter shown in the photo. The doctor was concerned about the $100 investment in things we might never need, but I’d much rather be able to take care of a broken limb or a bad reaction to coral than fret about the upfront cost.

So, after a good long chat about what should go into our sailing first aid kit based on our family health, I came home with syringes, vials, and a pile of filled prescriptions. I organized them in baggies with the syringe, all the vials, and marked with what that treatment is for (in case it’s Andy or one of the girls treating me), as well as the chapter page number to reference.

While we don’t plan to be more than a day away from medical help, it is good to know that in an emergency we can do more than slap some ointment on it. Let’s hope we never have to use any of this!

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