20 Sep


There is an art to storing a month’s worth of food for four people, boaty style.

Some factors to consider: motion (bad for glass), humidity, weevils (they love cardboard), small refrigeration space (and an even smaller freezer), and just space in general. So, we buy cans and food in bulk and vacuum seal as much as possible. I keep a master spreadsheet of what is hidden where…so in six months we won’t have to tear Tango apart to find that bag of beans. Some goes on shelves, other food gets stuck under settee seats, under beds, or in containers stuck in forward lockers.

The girls say they feel like pirates…with stashes of rice (100 lbs) and piles and pounds of dried fruits, nuts, and canned meat under their bed. All this combined might make an odd meal…but it would be nutritious!

It may be fun to pretend the pirate adventure…let’s just skip the scurvy.

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