Independence Day(s)!

4 Jul

Independence day began on July 3rd for us as this is when the annual Herrington Harbor fireworks spectacular is presented. Last year (pre-Tango) we watched from the dock at Herrington Harbor South and we dreamed about the day when we could watch from the water with the rest of the one hundred or so boats anchored off. This year the dream was realized.

We left our slip at Herrington Harbor North and motored the 20 minutes to the anchorage spot about half a mile from fireworks launching zone. I was a bit surprised to find that there were only three sailboats at anchor when we arrived but, within an hour or so the anchorage filled up nicely.

Our pre-fireworks activities included nibbling on some of the wonderful goodies prepared by Robin and the girls. We had some traditional fare including watermelon and corn on the cob along with some really BAD stuff like cheese poofs. Delicious. On a side note I will say that one of the things that I will truly miss about Maryland is the corn. This is some of the best stuff on the planet. I vow to gobble down a bunch this summer.

One other fun activity was zooming around the harbor in our dinghy. We have just recently fixed our 10 HP outboard and are putting it to the test! I get a kick out of watching the girls scream as we fly over wakes left by the large powerboats. It’s also a great way to take our dog, Banyan, to shore so that he can empty his bladder. Unfortunately for him he had me as his dinghy pilot because I couldn’t make it to shore. It was too shallow and I ran aground. He was fine…he held it until we made it back to our dock.

The fireworks show was absolutely amazing. From our vantage point in the harbor we could see Chesapeake Beach’s display as well. It’s nice to see some of the money that we pay every month to our marina going up in smoke!

At the end of the show we pulled up anchor and joined the long caravan of boats making their way back to the marina. I think more people were planning on staying the night in the harbor but there was a line of thunderstorms moving into the area and, after Friday’s monster storm, I think we all thought better of it.

I struck me as sad last night that this would be the last Independence Day in Maryland as we are leaving here for year long sojourn back to the Pacific Northwest next June. We had a wonderful five years out here but the lure of family is strong. Next year at this time I anticipate that we will be living in or around Savannah, Georgia. I’m guessing they know how to celebrate this special day as well. Happy 4th of July to all.

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