Life on “The Hard”

28 Apr

Greetings all! Most of my scoundrel friends will be snickering at the title of this blog entry but I assure the rest of you that there is no double entendre (this time). Living on “the hard” simply means that Tango is in need of some TLC and the only way to take care of much of it is to haul her out of the water and put her up on jacks. As of this writing we have been living aboard our boat Tango for about eight months now but the longest period of “hardship” has been the last nine days living in a parking lot (the hard). We were hoping to be back in the water by now but, due to a communication SNAFU, our propellers will not be back from the shop until next Monday. We are scheduled to re-launch next Wednesday and, well, next Wednesday couldn’t come any sooner. We are all a bit tired of having to climb up and down the ladder to go to the bathroom and the view isn’t as nice. I know…first world problems right?

Positioning Tango into the well for the haul out.

Ready to lift!

Robin and I motored over to the haul out location from our current slip in the marina. Our starboard engine has been overheating so I made a quick trip of it so the over temp alarm wouldn’t be screeching when we arrived.






I think these giant lifters are pretty cool.

On the way to our temporary home in the parking lot.





The yard workers gave Tango a quick scrape and a pressure wash. There were barnacles flying everywhere. Also, there was a tiny eel that dropped out of one of the raw water intakes. This could be the reason for the overheating engine.

New bottom paint does wonders for her appearance.

The bottom of Tango was in pretty bad shape. Lots of plant growth and barnacles. Not only does this cause potential problems with the fiberglass but it will slow down our progress through the water when we are out cruising.

Madi is busy ripping off the old name decal. She had fun trying to see if she could pull off each letter while keeping it intact. No easy task to be sure.

The new and improved Tango logo! (Design Courtesy of Robin)

One Response to “Life on “The Hard””

  1. patrick l white October 6, 2012 at 5:18 pm #

    Boy oh boy I am truley impressed I knew you were adventerous.Wow is all I can say youre amazing.

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